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Hypothecation Cash Credit
  • Bank Provide Hypothecation Cash Credit to its customer for day to day need of business.
  • We offer Hypothecation Cash Credit to the customer by Bank’s hypothecation on stock with Property Mortgage (Equitable Mortgage)
  • Hypothecation Cash Credit renew every year by the Bank.
  • The purpose for availing cash credit should retain.
  • We design our cash credit scheme suitable for wholesalers, stockiest, Manufacturers, retailers, traders etc.
  • Enough Insurance is required in favour of Bank.
  • Interest will be debited on monthly basis on all Cash Credit accounts.
  • In terms of Hypothecation Cash Credit against stock, customers have to submit the stock statement monthly before 10th date of month.
  • 2 guarantors are required for this cash credit.
  • Monthly drawing power is decided on the basis of monthly stock statement provided by the customer.
  • Customers have to provide necessary documents as per Bank’s requirements.

Initial Requirements For Hypothication Cash Credit

  • Sufficient Collateral Security is required.


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