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Use charts and other technical tools to identify market patterns that can indicate/suggest future activity and help you trade better.
From macro-economic factors to sector specific moves, get an idea of all that's happening in the markets in our fundamental research reports.
Find out where the commodity market is headed from our in-depth commodity research reports.


Term Deposits
Duration General Sr. Citizens
46-90 days 6.25 6.25
91-180 days 6.50 6.50
181 days to 364 days 6.75 6.75
365 days to 1094 days 7.00 7.50
1095 days to 1824 days 6.90 7.40
1825 days to 9999 days 6.85 7.35
Saving Bank Deposit Intt. Rates 4.00% Rs. Per annum
Daily deposit Scheme Intt. Rates 4.00% Rs. Per annum
Compulsory Deposit Scheme Intt. Rates 4.00% Rs. Per annum
Interest Rates on Loan Schemes
Demand Loans (for all) Floating Rate Fixed Rate
Against Bank’s own FDRs 1% above FDR rate
CC Limit Against FDRs 2% above FDR rate
Housing Loan (for all)
Housing Loan 10.00% N.A.
Loans to Businessmen
Loan against Business 12.00% p.a. to 13.00%  N.A.
Hypothecation Cash Credit Limit 11.00% p.a. to 12.00%  N.A.
Pledge Term Loan (against warehouse receipts) 10.00% p.a. N.A.
Loans to Salaried people (against deduction of instalment at source by the employer)
Loan against Salary (against employer’s undertaking for deduction of salary at source) 12.00% (For Recognised organisations) p.a. 
Loan Against Property Floating Rate  Fixed Rate
Mortgage Loan 13.00%
Vehicle Loan 12.00% p.a. to 13.00% 
Consumer Loan Floating Rate Fixed Rate
Consumer Loan 12.00%
SMT/ UNSMT 12.00%

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